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For teams that will do the impossible

Complete challenges by reaching a majority vote on the result of the challenge

See the project's history and log all major events and documents

Have each challenge led by the best equipped person; the driver.

Share your completed challenges and get invited for the right projects for you


Team Communication (Chat)

Switch Project Lead

Personal Profile

Project Ledger

Approve Together By Voting

Project Status Indication

Keep a bird's eye view on all your projects

One central place to work together on completing your team's challenges.

A beautiful tool to guide teams and complete projects

Teamily is the best solution for self organizing teams. It is designed to offer teams a way to define and achieve their own goals by utilizing the complete creative potential inside the team.

Teams guided by technology

Switch leadership(driver) for the best results

Collaborate to open, drive and complete challenges together. Teamily helps the team with group decision making.


Collaborate and Approve

Teamily makes it possible to switch leadership during the project. Have the best person at the wheel at every stage of your project.

The Teamily bot joins the conversation and gives guidance on team roles, desicion making and leadership. Creating progress.

Teamily bot navigates the team through the project

One central space per project to manage and communicate together




Customers that use Teamily

Team Assistant (Bot)

We have had the honor to work with some really passionate and creative teams. 

Re-inventing Teamwork

Teamily slices your projects into bite-sized challenges.

Have the best person drive this challenge and work to completion

Collaborate together and vote to close the challenge and open a new one.

Open a challenge

Drive the challenge

Approve the result


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© 2016 Teamily.

The Teamily way of working makes it possible for teams to run daunting projects. Our unique way to structure and organize teamwork results in transformative results.

Open, Drive and Approve. It is really that simple.

"Teamily allowed our team to take on bigger projects through providing continuously clarity and guidance in our projects ."

"With Teamily we were able to dig into our team's resourcefulness and come up with great innovative concepts  "

"Teamily helped us get insights into our team's strengths, and showed us when to utilize them"

What some of our customers say

Frederique Veldhuis - ChangeLab

Dick Krikke - ABN AMRO

Jeremy Brook - Google

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+31 6 21 39 40 88


 Levi van Dam, Quartermaster Spirit team

We deliver youth care. We aim to eliminate the need for institutional help and work to a collective cooperation with multidisciplinary teams to help kids in need."

"Yeah we use Teamily"

Teamily helps teams realize their ambitious goals.

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